Which Style Of Women’s Top Best Suits Your Body Shape?

If there is one thing that is true about the different women of the world, it is that we come in a full spectrum of shapes and sizes! Huge positive advancements in the concept of body positivity means that women no longer have to feel bad or ostracized for being different from one another. You don’t have to be a size zero model to look and feel your best.

Something that it is important to note when it comes to fashion, however, is how to dress for your shape. Sometimes, all it takes is the right kinds of silhouettes and cuts for a woman to go from looking okay to looking sensational! To achieve this effect, all you need to do is be more aware of your shape and how it relates to certain clothing. Here is a guide to which style of women’s top best suits your body shape.

Women’s Top

  • Pear Shape
  • If you are a pear shape with a wider waist than bust, then a top with a plunging V neck is the best fit. The V neck is essentially an upside pear in itself, which means that the shape of your exposed skin combined with the shape of your body results in a sort of balancing out of the bust and waist. It’s a great optical illusion if you are not confident about the size of your waist.

  • Hourglass Shape
  • If you are a curvy woman with roughly similar bust and hip measurements, then a women’s top to suit your shape is definitely something form fitting. An hourglass shape is coveted, so don’t be afraid to show off your figure with something that cuts in at the waist and accentuates your hips.

  • Apple Shape
  • If your measurements are fairly wide all the way down and your middle is rounded like an apple, then the most flattering type of top for your shape is something nice and flowy. You may want to avoid anything that is going to cling to parts that you don’t want to be highlighted, so a flowing tunic style top is going to hide everything while still making you look beautiful.

  • Athletic Shape
  • If you are neither particularly curvy nor super slim and have more of an athletic type body, then the kind of women’s top that is perfect for your shape is something along the lines of anything halter neck style, as well as strapless. Your shape is one of the few shapes that can really pull of a classy strapless top.

    These are just general guidelines but they work. They are basic rules. Use them along with tips such as staying away from hip-skimming tops if you want to avoid drawing attention to chunky thighs, don’t wear tops with a peplum if it accentuates wider hips, etc.

    So, now that you are more aware of your shape category, you can feel freer in your online shopping adventures. Head over to the BRPPL online store and browse through our great range. We are sure that you will find the women’s top ideal for your body shape.