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Only a decade ago, buying denim clothing consisted of walking through the aisles of your local store, browsing the racks showing rows upon rows of the same basic pair of denim jeans. You could buy a single pair that would meet your immediate needs, or you could buy more than a handful, to give you clothing that would last you for the rest of the year. Next year, of course, the style would be completely different, and so you would have to change up your style again. More recently however, there have been considerable changes in the type of denim clothing you can wear, and denim is now a style of its very own.

More Than Just Jeans

You might never have seen denim as more than just a new pair of jeans, but in the last few years there has been a significant turnaround in the choices available to women. Not only can you buy trousers all year round in different styles, from skinny jeans to wide legged, kick flares or even light wash denim jeans. You don't even have to buy jeans anymore, you can buy denim shirts, dresses, or even a dress, such as the Thursday dress by BRPPL. Whatever you want from your denim outfit, you can find something that will fit and flatter you, and will match perfectly with your accessories.

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Why Go Classic?

There are several reasons why you might choose to stick to classic denim colors and styles. The typical color of a classic denim outfit is a light blue, which is achieved using particular types of dyes. Also known as Indigo denim, this is produced when only one of the threads in the material is died, particularly where there is a combination of blue warp threads and white weft threads. Sometimes blue jeans can be white on the inside, because the weft threads are more dominant there this leaves you with the typical look of classic denim blue jeans. This can also be transferred to other outfits in order to create a classic look that is instantly recognizable. In order for your denim to be a classic style, it does have to be made with the indigo dyeing process. Other colors, including purple, black and green can be produced, but they are made using a different process and are therefore not classical denim.

Find A Choice Of Classical Denim With Us

If you want to have a variety of classic looking denim clothing in your wardrobe, then BRPPL can help you. We are top suppliers of affordable fashion for both men and women, so you can find the clothing that you want easily. We have a range of denim outfits, including shirts and dresses, to suit any occasion. Our low-cost, high-quality outfits are here to help you find your own style, so get started today by talking to BRPPL through an online message or go straight to our store and buy what you like now.