The Many Possibilities of Denim Clothing

Denim clothing is a tough one to crack. As one of the most popular types of clothing since the late nineteenth century, it is often used in any number of clothing items. Sometimes a little too often. When used well, it looks modern, youthful, and cool on you. However, use too much or the wrong wash and the results can be quite dire. You want to look like a cool college student, not like an extra in a John Wayne movie, or the dad in a JC Penney catalog. At its best, denim can look stylish. At its worst, well, it’s just a lot.

By all means, this should not discourage you from experimenting with the material. There are plenty of items that you can choose from that diverge just enough from the norm to create a fresh new look for you. You should not be scared to try these new styles, as long as you approach them with the necessary subtlety and conviction to pull them off. Let’s go through a few of the available denim clothing items you should try out when revamping your style.

Denim Clothing

Dark Denim Jeans

Light wash jeans are classics and no one will ever be able to take that away from them. However, they are too much of a classic, meaning they are way too common. They look good and are a must of every wardrobe, but they aren’t the only type of jeans out there. Switching a pair for darker shades of the denim will give you a much more modern look. With navy and black options available, you can quickly find alternatives to the traditional light wash jeans and open new outfit combinations and possibilities.

Denim Shirts

Yes, denim shirts are a thing, and they can look absolutely cool and stylish if paired correctly. These come in various washes, allowing for versatility when putting together an outfit, as well as different fits. Depending on how you combine these two aspects, you will be able to achieve either a decidedly vintage or undeniably modern look. Not to mention, whether you choose to wear the shirt buttoned up or buttoned down for whether you are aiming at either a more formal or a more casual look.

Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are even more of a versatile denim clothing item and a great accessory when layering your outfits. These lightweight jackets are perfect for warmer weathers while allowing for great layering when it comes to colder climates. Whether you just wear a t-shirt, a button-down shirt, or a hoodie underneath, denim jackets always manage to look hot and fashionable. Heighten your style with a cool denim jacket and breathe new life into your everyday outfits.

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