The Case for Minimalist Clothes

What is minimalism? Every suburban mom and makeover show host uses the term indiscriminately to describe a sensible kitchen or a tidy bedroom. It can even sound backhanded when used as a compliment, no? “I love that look, so... minimalistic!” It kind of implies an austere, almost criminally basic appearance, doesn’t it?

But what is minimalism, really? Is it really just having as little things as possible? Is that what minimalist clothes are? Just overly simple clothing? Now that just sounds boring, doesn’t it? It sounds conservative, plain, and the bare minimum. But you’ll be surprised to find this is far from what minimalist clothes are. In fact, in terms of art, minimalism is far from boring and plain.

Minimalist Clothes

What is Minimalism?

In the art world, minimalism refers to the absence of pretension. While most art represents something and is meant to evoke a specific concept, be it a young woman, a starry night, or an ancient deity, minimalist art doesn’t want to represent anything. It just is what it is. No pretending to be something else. It just wants to make you aware of its presence in a larger space. In an age of busy art and excessive content that overcrowds everyday life with information, minimalist art constitutes rest away from the chaos. The same applies to minimalist clothes.

When wearing minimalist clothes, you are not pretending anything. You are not pretending to be affluent or highly fashionable, nor are you crowding the landscape with too much visual information. You are presenting yourself as you are and nothing else. It is authentic, it is refreshing, and it is modest. It is a rejection of a society that keeps telling you that more is always better while allowing yourself room to dote your outfits with your own personality. The world is not the Met Gala. You are not a vehicle for clothing, these should be a part of you. That is the case for minimalist clothes.

Affordable Minimalist Clothes

You might think that minimalist clothes are found everywhere and anywhere, but you’d be surprised. Most of what you’ll find in stores nowadays can be quite busy and intimidating if you are not one for loud, lavish clothes. It’s a trend, of course, so it will obviously dominate the landscape. But there is no real reason for you to traverse the malls and shops everywhere in search of some minimalist basics only to find plain white tops for thirty dollars.

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