The Best Choices For A Men's Top In Winter 2019/2020

It might be fair to say that in the world of fashion, one of the most complicated areas to navigate for men is what kinds of tops to wear when the cold winter months start to come around. You want to stay as stylish and trendy as possible, but the added factor of wanting to keep warm is something that you need to think about. Because of this a lot of your favorite summer and spring tops might not be in the running!

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that just because you are going to be spending a lot of time in a big winter coat or heavy knits, that you shouldn’t be putting just as much effort into a good looking top underneath. As with everything else in fashion, male trends change year by year, so it is always good to be up on the latest and greatest! Here are some of the best choices for a men’s top in winter 2019/2020.

Men's Top

  • Button Down Shirt
  • A button down shirt is the kind of classic fashion item that is never going to go out of style. It should be a staple of every man’s regular wardrobe and ideally, in a few different color choices. The great thing about a button down is that it can be used just as effectively in both casual and form settings, and if you still want to show off some of your unique style, you can always select a fun pattern or vibrant color.

  • Flannel Shirt
  • Similarly, a flannel shirt is the type of men’s top that is always fashionable and can be worn on lots of different kinds of occasions. Importantly for winter, flannel is a warmer fabric than others, and therefore it doesn’t only provide a stylish addition to an outfit but also a much needed warm one. If you want to go super traditional then the check design is always preferable but remember than flannel doesn’t always have to evoke a lumberjack look.

  • String Hoodie
  • Some winter days are so cold that you need extra coverage for parts that are usually exposed, such as the neck and head. This is when you can turn to a male wardrobe staple – the classic string hoodie. The current trend for hoodies is to pick something that features a striking graphic design on the front, and recent fashion has alluded to the fact that ‘baggy’ is back in style, so you might want to consider choosing a size larger than usual to make sure that your hoodie is up to date with the rest of the men’s top game! But, winter fashion is about comfort too, so if you want to wear your varsity hoodie or one emblazoned with your favorite band, go for it.

    Hopefully this short list has given you some inspiration for your own winter wardrobe. If you want to add some new stuff to your winter wardrobe  straight away, then head over to the BRPPL for an array of great men’s tops. We are sure that you will find something that you absolutely love.