Streetwear Clothing Fundamentals

Streetwear clothing is the way we present ourselves to the world on a daily basis. A lot of us don’t put that much thought into it, but the way we dress for our everyday lives is an important facet of who we are and how others see us. This is why you can’t just wear whatever as you go your way, you need to put at least some effort into it, right? People who make an effort come off as thoughtful, determined, and attentive. Most importantly, they demonstrate an aversion to mediocrity and laziness. If you put in work into how you look every day, you show you put in work into other aspects of your life.

Of course, no one’s saying you have to shop high-end shops and splurge hundreds of dollars into a new wardrobe. It doesn’t have to be that complicated or that expensive. A few key pieces of carefully curated casual clothing can go a fairly long way. You just need some pointers on what to get and where to look. Let’s start, then, with the fundamentals of streetwear clothing.

Streetwear clothing

Using T-Shirts

T-Shirts are, of course, as basic as one goes when it comes to streetwear clothing. However, not all t-shirts are created equal, and you should keep that in mind when making your purchase. First of all, are you getting the right fit for you? If a t-shirt is too loose or too tight, it might look borrowed and unflattering. You might be buying large t-shirts when maybe a medium is the better choice for your features. Be sure to try out different sizes before making a choice.

Now, how about the design? There are different necklines to choose from, yes, but it goes beyond that. You need to take color and patterns into account. Make sure they’re the right amount of vibrant for your personal style, and that you don’t find the patterns too flashy or off-putting. And as far as graphics t-shirts go, well, if your shirt has a joke written on it please leave it back in middle school where it belongs.

Expanding Your Shirt Horizons

Of course, t-shirts aren’t the only tops available. If you are looking for a slightly more formal look, polo shirts are always a good way to go. Henleys are a good in-between when it comes to delivering a more casual look than the polo while offering an alternative neckline to a regular t-shirt.

And a big part of any closet is always going to be a good array of button-down shirts. These can provide either really casual or formal looks based solely on the way you wear them. They are by far some of the most versatile articles of streetwear clothing and you absolutely need them as part of your everyday fashion.

BRPPL Streetwear Clothing

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