Streetwear Clothing – A Hot Fashion Trend

Fashion trends can seem impossible for you to keep up with at times. What is stylish and hot one month may be ultimately out of style the next. Sometimes what was stylish twenty or thirty years ago but went away comes back with a vengeance, as is the case with the retro looks people are fond of today. The old saying of what comes around goes around rings true with fashion, but there are also some trends that have managed to hang on and remain hot and popular. One such trend is that of streetwear clothing, which started out as something different from what people think of it as today.

The Developing Trend of Streetwear

Streetwear goes back to the nineties when there was popularity in California among the surfing and skater cultures for casual, comfortable clothing that could be worn at the beach, the park, or on the street. Over the years, the fashion style ebbed and flowed, but it also began to incorporate other styles that helped to keep it viable and alive. Today, streetwear is associated with more than just the beach or skate culture. You will find that there are strong elements of hip hop, sportswear, punk music and clothing, and Japanese streetwear. In fact, many of the big fashion houses of today have begun weaving streetwear styles and fashions into their lines to keep up with what the world wants.

streetwear clothing

What to Expect from Streetwear

In the past, you may have thought that streetwear clothing encompassed nothing more than hooded sweatshirts, baseball caps, sweatpants, leggings, and sneakers. The evolution of the trend, along with the luxury brands getting involved, have altered the style so that there are now more fabrics, designs, colors, and clothing available that speak to the streetwear culture. High-tech fabrics, along with classic materials like wool, leather, and satin, can all be part of streetwear. You can find shorts, dresses, skirts and a variety of shirts that fit right in with the styles.

Shopping for Streetwear

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