Our Teal Henley Shirt Is Ideal For The Office Or For Nights Out

When you are planning a night out, or a day away from the office, then what could be more natural than a T-shirt and jeans? They have become part of the standard man's uniform, and virtually everyone has a favorite t-shirt that they keep in the closet for special occasions. If you are looking for a new shirt to add a little flair to your style, or you want something completely different this year, then now is the time to look a little closer at our teal Henley shirts. They are the ideal piece to give your outfit extra glamour this year, and we have the perfect, affordable shirt ready for you to order.

teal Henley

Go Extra On Your T-Shirts

If you don't want to wear a simple T-shirt around the office, or in places where you might meet the boss, then you can't get any better than the Henley. It is a combination of all the good things you like about a t-shirt - easy to wear, comfortable, looks great with jeans or work trousers - but it has a little extra oomph. Made from heavier material that allows you to have a better drape, and also combined with a great curve around the neck that can flatter your shape. The Henley design also usually has buttons along a front opening, creating an interesting detail for your shirt. This front panel, or placket, can have as many as five buttons on it, making it out as different from a standard shirt.

Benefits Of The Henley Shirt

There are several reasons why men are choosing a Henley shirt over a standard T-shirt when looking for casual clothing. Firstly, the Henley can come with long sleeves, so they can be worn in cooler weather, or used in place of a pajama top. They are so versatile you can use them whenever you like. Secondly, the Henley has a long history, making it a classical outfit that matches well with work trousers or casual pants. Lastly, the Henley is a much more appealing option than the casual T-shirt. By simply leaving one or more buttons undone at the top of the placket, you get a visual appeal that will make people stop and stare. By simply unbuttoning your shirt, you can make a statement and change up your look from a casual business outfit to fashionable nightwear.

Finding The Ideal Shirt

If you have decided that you want to add a few of these shirts to your closet, then there is no better place to look than our teal Henley design. You might even decide that you want to build a minimalist closet look around these shirts, because they fit you so well and are so comfortable and stylish. We can help you get the shirt that you want today when you come to our online store, and if you have any questions, simply send the BRPPL team an online message today.