Men’s Bottoms

We offer a variety of different men’s bottoms that can easily appeal to different tastes while also helping men break away from the fashion routines they’ve established for themselves. Here are a few different options that we have available on the BRPPL website.

Color Shorts

When it comes to shorts, a lot of men will simply opt for the easy options and go for either sweat shorts or cargo shorts. While these are definitely great and versatile pieces, they definitely should not be the only ones. There are so many kinds of shorts available for men out there that can easily liven up just about any wardrobe. After all, shorts shouldn’t just be beige or grey. Colorful chino shorts are a great way to brighten up your wardrobe and give it more personality. The best part is that these are easy to match with more neutral colors you probably already have in your wardrobe. Never underestimate the impact that some color can have on your wardrobe.

Men’s Bottoms


Everyone has a few pairs of jeans they rotate in their closet. They are very versatile clothing articles that serve all sorts of purposes. Are you getting dinner with your family? Some nice light wash jeans will look great. Do you have a special dinner date coming up? Dark wash jeans are stylish yet casual. We have different shades and cuts of jeans that you can explore and try out in order to find the right fit. We ourselves have a few different jean options to give you enough variety for you to choose from. 


Slacks are traditionally used for more formal occasions. However, more and more often are they being used in more casual settings. Yes, you don’t have to wear jeans or shorts for everything. In fact, regardless of the specifics of the situation, slacks can be quite versatile pieces of clothing that can immediately elevate just about any outfit. Slacks alone can effectively demonstrate more additional effort than your regular run of the mill outfits. This makes them ideal for plans such as dates, job interviews, or even just casual hangouts. Especially with some vibrant colors thrown in! 

Men’s Bottoms at BRPPL

At BRPPL, we offer a variety of different clothing items meant to appeal to all sorts of tastes and styles. We want you to look good and to be comfortable, a mindset that we bring into every item that we design. Be sure to browse through our website and find the looks that you need.