How to Wear the Best of Minimalist Clothes

You open your closet, and what is the first thing that you notice? It’s not going to be the fabulous colors or styles that are there, but the clothing you have crammed in so tight you can barely move hangers to see what you have to work with. Don’t feel bad; there are millions of men and women that are in the same boat as you. Having too many clothes is more than just a problem of space in your home. It can seem impossible for you to match pieces well and create outfits when you have more things than you need. Your new motto needs to incorporate simplicity, and once you can learn how to create a wardrobe using minimalist clothes, you will be happier and have great outfits all the time.

The Minimalist Movement in Fashion

Along with many other life approaches of today, taking a minimalist approach to your clothing is trendy. What this movement entails is creating a wardrobe that uses fewer pieces and keeps things simple to eliminate the clutter that may have taken over your fashion sense. What you want to do is try to get back to basics and stick with the basics. You will find that you focus in on a smaller selection of colors and agree to streamline the shapes of the clothing you have to limit things, you will be able to get rid of a lot of the clutter filling your dresser and closet.

minimalist clothes

Go with Workhorse Clothes

You will find that when you opt for minimalist clothes that you will have what you can call the “workhorse clothes” in your wardrobe. Refining things so that you have a smaller choice of things like jeans, sweaters, little black dresses, shoes, and jackets that you will be able to coordinate your outfits more successfully. Of course, being minimalist doesn’t mean you have to avoid all color and only have black or white items. You can still have items in your favorite colors; just be sure to pair a brightly colored piece with a neutral, dark pair of jeans or a skirt you already have to make your outfits colorful and versatile.

Your Source for Minimalist Wardrobe Items

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