How To Style Bestie T-Shirts

Having a best friend is a precious thing.  Having someone who cares for you, supports you, and makes you happy helps you through life immensely. It’s nice to be able to show your appreciation for this and because you know them so well, it’s not very difficult to find them a gift. But what if you want something a little different?  Sometimes, gifts that make a visual statement of “best friends” in writing on them can be a bit twee or tacky, and while the gesture is appreciated, maybe the gift will just languish in a drawer. That, however, is not the case with our super cool Bestie T-shirts.

We think they’re so good they speak for themselves, but we would like to share some ideas for how to wear them. Here is how to best style your shirts. 

bestie t-shirts

  • A Classic T-Shirt And Jeans Look
  • When it comes to classic style and simplicity, you really can’t go wrong with an iconic t-shirt and jeans combo! It’s a look that is effortlessly casual but also very fashionable, and the bestie t-shirt is perfect for pairing with a favorite pair of boyfriend jeans. Logo and slogan t-shirts have never been more popular than they are right now, and the bestie tee in classic white is perfect for pairing with jeans. It’s a combination look that is definitely never going to go out of style, no matter what cut and color of jeans are your personal favorites.

  • Under A Denim Or Leather Jacket
  • Layering is another big trend this year, and the simplicity of bestie t-shirts makes them an ideal garment for using as the base layer of a more intricate layering look. If you have a favorite denim jacket or leather jacket, then the t-shirt is perfect for wearing underneath it. The lettering on the shirt will poke out and be noticeable in all of the best ways, with the white color not being so ‘loud’ that it distracts from the coolness of the denim or leather jacket.

  • Casual Daytime House Wear
  • Something particularly enjoyable about our bestie tee-shirt is just how versatile it is in terms of being appropriate for both cool outdoor looks and more casual, relaxed at home outfits. The loose but structured fit of the t-shirt means that you can easily wear it around the house with a pair of cozy pajama bottoms on a lazy weekend on the couch. If you are having a girl’s night in and don’t want to get super dressed up, this is the kind of t-shirt that you should choose to put on.

    So, if you think that bestie t-shirts are the ideal gift idea then don’t hesitate to head over to the BRPPL website to snap some up before they are all gone! We think it’s the kind of gift that your friend won’t have been given before, and for that reason it will be really special and fun. Why not buy one for yourself too and wear then together when you want to tell the world of your special relationship?