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We have all been there, finding the perfect pair of trousers for work, or a night out, and then taking them to the change room only to find that they don't fit. The majority of women have had tiresome experiences where it is extremely hard to find well fitting trousers, and you may have heard people asking why it is so difficult to get women’s bottom styles that actually fit and flatter the woman. Whether the top doesn't do up even if the rest of the pants fit, or if they are simply too long in the leg, the inconvenience of hunting through piles and piles of trousers to find something good is a real struggle.

Womens Bottom

Why Pants Don't Fit

The basic truth is that many pairs of trousers are designed for a body that doesn't really suit most women. Trousers tend to have a larger number of fit points than dresses or skirts, and each of those points can fail on the average woman. If you are looking for affordable trousers, then you have to take into consideration that the trousers are cut using straight lines, which can mean that the waistband is too tight, but the hip area is far too loose. When the waistband does fit, the pants will tend to sink down the body because the legs are too baggy. Thinner people find that the waist is too big, but the hips are far too tight, which means that the fabric is pulled around in ways that create an unflattering shape for the body. In these situations, you need to find well fitting trousers.

Getting Around Tight-Fitting Trousers

The secret to finding the perfect pair of well-fitting trousers is to have your own trousers made to fit by an expert tailor or sewist. However, the majority of us can't afford the cost of having trousers made to suit the unique shape, and so you will have to use other methods to match with your ideal trousers. Firstly, you will have to take measurements of your body, and work out which size is the best for you. Avoid trousers which have been excessively treated, either deliberately ripped or faded excessively, as the fabric one of been altered and this can affect the fit. You should also aim for a high-rise or a midrise, as these will better flatter your body. Avoid contouring tricks that don't fall anyone, and can draw attention to areas of your body that you are not comfortable with.

Find Great Trousers With Us

We are here to offer you a variety of women’s bottom styles to suit your needs. We offer high quality high-rise pants and jeggings, as well as work pants and high-waisted denim jeans and shorts. You can find a number of different outfits to suit your requirements with us, and if you have any questions you can ask our team online, so shop for your perfect fit in pants and jeans with BRPPL today.