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When it comes to the way we dress, it is not what we wear to weddings or parties that define our personal style. It is our day to day outfits that create and shape everyone’s idea of us. No one cares how you dress to the nines on special occasions if you look like a T.J. Maxx mannequin on a daily basis. How we dress and carry ourselves is important, even if it seems almost trivial as we get ready for work early in the morning.

But to dress well is just so expensive, isn’t it? A trip to the mall and it would seem like you really need to splurge in order to look good and up to date with the trends. However, it is not impossible to find affordable fashion. In fact, it’s fairly easy to when you know where to look, what to look for, and how to look for it. There are key clothing articles that will accentuate and elevate your wardrobe without financially dragging you down. Let’s go through a short guide to the basics of affordable fashion in the current online landscape.

Affordable Fashion

Affordable Women’s Fashion

Women’s fashion seems to have impossibly high standards. The same outfit can look either like you are trying too much or not trying enough, too cheap or too expensive, too tacky or too subtle. Part of navigating that fine, fine line is to, yes, wear anything with the utmost confidence, but also to carefully pick and choose clothing items. Balancing out quality and expense is hard, but it is far from impossible. Certain pieces such as white button-down shirts, dark types of denim jeans, and short casual dresses will be key in building an interesting wardrobe. And while prestige stores are sure to charge over a hundred dollars for any of these classics, affordable fashion shops are out there, selling these for a reasonable price.

Affordable Men’s Fashion

Men? Well, men need to try. Khaki cargo shorts and a sweatshirt only work so many times before you look like a dad on vacation. For most men, finding affordable clothing is not a problem because standards seem to be more on the low side for them. That, of course, is unfair to everyone else. Why should everyone who actually puts in an effort have to put up with men not even trying to at least look decent? Especially because it’s so easy to try, at least a little bit. It’s a matter of diverging from muted color palettes and carefully picking splashes of color. Bright shorts paired with the right shirt. It’s honestly easier than you think.

Find Affordable Fashion Today

And so, if you are indeed looking for affordable fashion alternatives to overpriced jeans and needlessly graphic chain store shirts, look no further than BRPL, your new online source for affordable clothes. We have a wide array of clothing basics for you to elevate your closet into one full of possibilities at an affordable price. You are sure to find a few pieces that will definitely catch your attention.