A New Look with a Teal Henley

Being fickle about fashion can happen to anyone, man or woman. In fact, there are probably more men that refuse to branch out and try new looks than there are women. Look at yourself in the mirror, and you will probably see a guy who has been wearing the same style of clothing since you were in junior high. You have resisted trying something new for a long time, but even you must admit now that you have fallen into a bit of rut when it comes to trying something new to wear. Now is as good a time as any for you to stray away from the usual t-shirt and jeans you wear every day and perhaps look at something that might be a real stretch for you – a teal Henley shirt.

Teal Henley

That’s Right – We Said Teal

If you were the kind of guy that read the word teal and wondered what it was, then it is definitely time for you to try out a new shirt. Just for your education, teal is a shade of blue, lighter than navy but not as light as the sky. In any case, it is probably a departure from the black and gray you are accustomed to wearing all the time, so it will be a good break for you. The color is one that will go well whether you are wearing a pair of jeans, a pair of slacks or khakis, or even a pair of shorts if the weather is right.

Okay, So What is a Henley?

Sigh. We had no idea we would have to explain this much about a Henley t-shirt. A Henley is not quite a polo shirt and not quite a t-shirt. It is a pullover shirt that is collarless but also has buttons, generally somewhere between two and five. The shirts were trendy in the 1990s but have seen a strong comeback in recent fashion times. It might even be considered vintage and retro at this point to wear one, which will put you on the cool list with your fashion-forward friends (trust us, you have them even if you don’t know about it).

Enough Chatter… Now Buy the Shirt!

We have given you all the details about a teal Henley shirt, so the ball is in your court now. Head over to our website at BRPPL, go to the Men’s Clothing, and choose T-shirts and you will find it listed there (we know, we know, we just told you it’s not a t-shirt, but trust us on this). You can get the size you want, and you will be pleasantly surprised and how affordable the price is, so maybe you want to get a couple of others in different colors to round out your wardrobe. The shipping is free on orders in the United States, so you will save even more on your order. Order your shirt today and you can thank us later when you see how sharp you look in a Henley.